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Welcome to Tschutti Heftli, the football sticker collection album that combines the world of football with art. Since 2008, we have been presenting unique artistic collectible albums that inspire football fans all over the world. In order to produce an album for the European Championship 2024, we need your support: become part of our project and help us highlight the beautiful aspects of football in 2024 as well.

Instead of ordinary player photos, we present small artworks by talented artists. With each album, we create a connection between the world of football and contemporary art. You can find more information about our previous projects on our website e.g. under the section media reports 

The tschutti heftli sticker album

The project Euro 2024

We need your support to realize our ninth collectible album for the Men's European Championship 2024. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and the fair and sustainable, but more cost-intensive production of our last album for the Women's European Championship have depleted our financial reserves. Therefore, we require seed funding. The goal is to be able to undertake financially sustainable projects afterward, such as for the women's European Championship in Switzerland in 2025. To achieve this goal, we have come up with a special campaign for our supporters and fans.

Here's how you can support us

We design the backsides of the 400 stickers in the album 2024 in the style of football jerseys. You or your organization now have the opportunity to purchase these sticker backsides that corresponds to you or your organization. Your sticker backside will be personalized according to your preference with a name or logo. This not only enables the production of the album but also makes you a visible part on several thousand sticker backsides in the album 2024.

The numbers are offered at different prices. You can join us starting from 50 CHF/Euro. You have the opportunity to become a part of the starting lineup, the squad, the staff, or our fan section. Companies and organizations also have the opportunity to participate. You find a detailed overview of the prices in this PDF.

You want to join? Then let's get started!

Secure your favourite number in the Online shop of our friends at Job-Transfair Vienna. Don't wait too long, so your number is not already taken.

Not convinced yet?
Here are 5 reasons for you!

  • The tschutti heftli provides artists wit a platform to showcase their work to a large audience. 

  • The tschutti heftli emphasizes the beautiful side of football, which this truly amazing sport desperately needs. 

  • The tschutt heftli connects: art lovers with football fans, bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds thorugh sticker trading.

  • By participating, you not only become part of a wonderful project, you or your organization will be visible on thousands of sticker backs. 

  • If you want to do something good and can't bear the thought of the tschutti heftli ceasing to exist, this is your chance to make a difference.

How long does the promotion last?

In order to produce the album on time - and, of course, in a sustainable and fair manner - we need to determine by August 2nd, 2023, whether we have received the necessary support to produce the album. So, our goal is to finad a supporter for each of the 400 sticker backs by then.

If we are unable to reach this goal, we will refund all paid amounts. You will be contacted directly by us. (The refund process would not go through the shop.)
However, we hope to contact you in August to provide you with detauls about the production of the album 2024. 


Last but not least, there is an exciting surprise effect. Since the Euro group draw is not yet known, it will reamin a mistery until the release of the album, which player will be depicted on the front of the number you purchased. Get ready to be surprised and eagerly await the result! Perhaps you will find yourself on the back of Kylian Mbappé or Harry Kane?

Die Sammlbilder


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